Soffits keep your attic ventilated and free from humidity or rot.

Installation of Soffits

For the installation of soffits in Terrebonne as well as in Repentigny and throughout Lanaudière, TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS is the contractor to contact. In addition to our service of installing asphalt shingles on residential or commercial roofs, we offer this soffit installation service, which is essential for ventilating an attic or loft. We can also check that your soffits are not blocked by poorly distributed attic insulation.

What are soffits for?

Perforated soffits (also called ventilated soffits) are aluminum panels that are installed under the eaves of the roof. Being pierced with multiple small holes, they allow outside air to enter and properly ventilate the attic or loft of a building. Additionally, soffits prevent dirt, debris, or even small rodents, birds, or insects from entering the attic or loft.

Installation of Soffits Repentigny Installation of Soffits Terrebonne

Soffits and attic or loft ventilation

The outside air that naturally enters through the soffits is drawn in by the fan installed on the roof. This fan then pushes the air outside, creating a continuous circular movement of fresh air.

This ventilation helps reduce humidity during hot summer weather and prevents mold from forming and attacking the beams and boards of the attic (or loft). In winter, this ventilation system prevents condensation from affecting the ceilings and avoids ice buildup on the edges of the roof.

To be aesthetically pleasing and to match the colors of the exterior siding of homes, soffits are available in various colors, but white is often very popular.

Soffit installation method

Aluminum soffits are purchased in panels that can be cut if they are too wide or long. These soffits must then be securely installed under the eaves. J-channels are attached to the exterior walls, and the soffits are inserted into them. These soffits easily interlock together afterward. Then, the soffits are securely fastened with staples.

Next, fascia boards are installed to protect the wood of the eaves. These are folded over to cover the soffits by about 3 cm. This helps keep rain away from the attic.

Installation of Soffits Lanaudière

Contact us for soffit installation

For the installation of soffits in Terrebonne or Repentigny, as well as in any other city in the Lanaudière region, contact our experienced team at (450) 368-8353. The roofers at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS are experts in installing soffits on homes and businesses. They will ensure that the ventilation of your attic or loft is optimal. Request a free quote by email for soffit installation.

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