We are the specialists to contact for the installation or repair of an asphalt shingle roof!

For a Durable and Resistant Asphalt Shingle Roofing

As a roofing contractor in Repentigny as well as in Terrebonne and throughout Lanaudière, TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS offers high-quality asphalt shingle roofing at competitive prices.

Specialists for over a decade in installing this type of roofing, we employ proven techniques. Additionally, we can perform roof repairs and soffit installation.

To get an idea of the final result your new asphalt shingle roof could have, contact us now.

Our Clients

Our clients are homeowners, landlords (or condo owners), as well as commercial property owners. Municipal building managers or institutional building owners are also our clients, as well as construction contractors.

Our clientele appreciates our attention to detail, reliability, courtesy, and strict adherence to manufacturer installation guidelines. We aim to build a trusting relationship with our clients, based on attentive and personalized service.

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Advantages of a Shingle Roof Installed by Our Team

TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS guarantees professional installation and competitive quality/price ratio. We offer asphalt shingles from manufacturers IKO and BP, who provide a complete range of models in different styles and colors.

These manufacturers (IKO and BP) provide solid warranties on their products (up to 42 years on materials), ensuring that your roof will remain in good condition for many years. Additionally, TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS guarantees its installation work for 10 years.

Each asphalt shingle model has its advantages. You can compare the characteristics and warranties of different models by visiting the manufacturers' websites. Additionally, you can choose your color from the wide variety offered.

Offered Shingle Models

BP Asphalt Shingle : BP shingles are designed to effectively protect against weather elements (rain, ice, hail, wind, UV rays, and extreme heat). They are completely waterproof and resist detachment by wind. The WEATHER-TITE technology, some models are equipped with, keeps the shingles in place even when the wind blows at 180 km/h. The Dakota shingles resist winds up to 200 km/h (with special installation). This technology consists of 2 extremely adhesive self-adhesive strips that attach the shingles to the roof (in addition to the nails that hold them). Thus, no water infiltration can occur.

Architectural shingles with 3 tabs are highly sought after for their classic appearance and sumptuous colors. The Manoir and Mystique 42 models resemble slate, while the Vangard 42 IR models are wider (42 inches) and extremely impact-resistant. Visit the BP manufacturer's website to see the different models and colors of shingles offered. You can also learn about all the features.

IKO Asphalt Shingle : IKO shingles are also highly sought after by homeowners and businesses with sloped roofs. They come in a wide range of colors and styles. Models from the premium Designer range mimic the appearance of slate or cedar shingles, while being offered at an affordable price. They resist wind detachment, water infiltration, as well as damage caused by ice and hail.

Architectural shingle models are appreciated for their luxurious appearance. Their subtle shades give a dimensional depth effect. The Armourshake model is fire resistant (class A resistance rating) and has the rustic charm of split shingles. High-performance shingle models have a wider reinforcement strip that allows the shingles to be nailed in more places. The shingles will not move even in extreme winds!

Traditional-style 3-tab shingle models are offered at an affordable price while being very robust and weather-resistant. The Marathon Plus AR model is equipped with a fiberglass reinforcement and a granule surface that resists blue algae. These shingles maintain their beautiful appearance for many years.

Visit the IKO manufacturer's website to view the shingle models offered, and choose your color using the color viewer (you can upload a photo of your home and see the effect that different colors and shingle models will have).

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Shingle Roof Installation According to Standards

As an experienced roofer, TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS carries out its roofing installation, repair, and renovation work in accordance with the professional standards in force in the industry. We hold a license from the Régie du bâtiment (RBQ), and our company is a member of the Association provinciale des constructeurs d'habitations (APCHQ). Additionally, we keep ourselves updated on innovations in terms of materials and techniques for installing asphalt shingle roofing.

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Roof Repairs

If your asphalt shingle roof has deteriorated in places (shingles in poor condition or missing, mold marks on your ceilings, wet insulation, or water infiltration), contact us. It may be possible to avoid a complete roof replacement by carrying out targeted repairs to maintain or restore its waterproofing.

We can replace or re-nail the shingles, check the sealing of the equipment on the roof, check if the membranes and eaves shingles are still in good condition, and then inspect the gutters to ensure they are well screwed and functional. We will unclog them if necessary.

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Emergency Roofing Service Throughout Lanaudière

TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS offers fast and efficient emergency roofing services. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address any emergency situation that requires immediate assistance from a roofer. For example, in the event of water leaking through the ceilings, we can quickly repair your roof in problem areas.

Our roofers will identify the location of the leak and check if the plywood is rotten and if the waterproofing membrane is punctured. We will replace these two components if necessary. You will need to have the insulation checked and have the damaged part of the gypsum ceiling replaced. If the infiltration comes from deteriorated sealing around the flashing protecting the roof equipment, we will redo it.

Inspection and Maintenance of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The team at Toitures Benoit Dubois offers annual inspection and maintenance services for residential and commercial asphalt shingle roofs. An annual maintenance will extend the lifespan of your roof, ensuring it remains waterproof for the next twelve months. This will prevent water infiltration and potential costly damages!

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Contact Us for your Asphalt Shingle Roof

Contact the team at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS by phone at (450) 368-8353 for more information on our professional roofing services, as well as our prices and the different types of shingles offered. You can also send us a quote request by email at info@toituresbenoitdubois.com.

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