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Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair

In Terrebonne, Repentigny, and throughout Lanaudière, the roofers at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS offer inspection and roof repair services for asphalt shingle roofs. Whether it's for a house, residential building, or even a commercial, institutional, or municipal building, we can repair your roof permanently.

As experienced roofers, we know the solutions to all roofing problems, from water infiltration to attic ventilation issues. By promptly repairing a roof when needed, you can keep it functional for a long time. Of course, a roof will age and deteriorate over time, but it's possible to keep it in very good condition through regular maintenance and targeted repairs that slow down its deterioration.

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Problems Requiring Roof Repair

The extreme temperature changes we experience in our province can put asphalt shingle roofs to the test. The effects of heat, UV rays, wind gusts, freezing, hail, and acid rain deteriorate the shingles. Mold and blue algae can also appear.

Several problems may require roof repair:

Sealing : if the caulking joints around the roof vent, chimney, plumbing vent, kitchen hood vent, or skylight are no longer in excellent condition, water infiltration may occur. Our team will inspect the joints surrounding these fixtures and replace the caulking as needed.

Deteriorating caulking joints are one of the main causes of water infiltration. That's why regular inspection and maintenance are recommended. If there's any doubt about the quality of the caulking, it should be removed and redone. At the same time, ensure that the waterproofing membranes around the roof elements are in good condition.

Waterproofing membranes : the waterproofing membranes on the roof edges and the membrane installed under the entire shingle area should not be torn. They are crucial for blocking water infiltration if shingles curl, crack, or come off. During the targeted repairs we perform on your roof, we will check if the membranes are torn in places and replace those parts as needed.

Damaged shingles : damaged, lifted, or torn shingles can allow water to pass through, which can penetrate through joints or a damaged waterproofing membrane. Water infiltration into the attic and then onto the ceilings and walls of your home or business should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, prompt roof repair is necessary by replacing problematic shingles and replacing the damaged part of the waterproofing membrane beneath the shingles. For partial shingle replacement, our team will offer replacement shingles that blend perfectly with those already on your roof.

Ventilation : if attic insulation blocks soffits or if the roof vent is defective, ventilation will be compromised and could lead to mold or deterioration of the roof rafters. Brown condensation stains will then form on your ceilings.

If you don't have a roof vent or if it's defective, we can add one or replace it. It's worth noting that commercial or institutional buildings without sufficient roof vents will see their asphalt shingle roofs deteriorate much more quickly. The attic or attic space must be well ventilated at all times, both in summer and winter! We can advise you if you're missing one or more roof vents to cover the size of your commercial roof.

Additionally, to prevent insulation from blocking soffits and preventing outside air from entering the attic or attic space, we can install Styrovents, which prevent insulation from moving towards the soffits.

Soffit Installation : our team can also replace or install soffits if they're deteriorated. Several colors of soffits are available.

The team at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS can offer you accessible solutions for repairing your asphalt shingle roof before water infiltration or other major deterioration problems affect your home or commercial building.

Our Roof Repair Services

Here are the roof repair services we offer for residential and commercial environments: replacement of asphalt shingles in specific areas (shingles torn off by the wind, twisted, or broken), re-gluing and re-nailing of lifted shingles, replacement or installation of a roof vent; installation of Styrovent panels; caulking of roof protrusions; redistribution of insulation to avoid blocking soffits, adding insulation, installation of soffits, etc.

Before considering replacing your roof, contact us to see if targeted repairs could suffice to keep your roof functional for a few more years. It's possible to find suitable solutions, depending on the severity of the situation (water infiltration in multiple areas) and the overall condition of the roof.

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Contact Us for Roof Repair

For roof repair that will keep it functional and performing well, contact the team at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS without delay at (450) 368-8353.

Our roofers travel to Terrebonne, Repentigny, and all cities in the Lanaudière region for inspection, maintenance, or roof repair.

You can also reach us by email to request a free quote.

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