Our experienced roofers install your roofing material following strict industry standards.

Roofer for Asphalt Shingle Roof

In Terrebonne, Repentigny, and throughout Lanaudière, the roofers at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS offer comprehensive services for the installation and repair of asphalt shingle roofs. Choose our team of roofers if you want a durable and impeccably executed result.

When you entrust the installation of your residential roofing to TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS, the work is carried out meticulously following the shingle manufacturers' installation methods. This rigor, along with our commitment to quality workmanship, ensures that warranties apply without any issues. In this regard, we ensure to use only manufacturer-approved materials (eaves protection, waterproof underlayment, shingles, ridges, and hips).

Rigorous Roofer's Work

Some roofers may cut corners and rush through the job, failing to properly secure each shingle in multiple places. Our roofers are rigorously trained and have many years of experience in the field. They understand that every detail matters to keep your roof performing well against the elements.

Furthermore, we ensure to use the necessary equipment to carry out the work safely. We proceed with each step carefully, maintaining a clean worksite.

To ensure that excellent manufacturer warranties apply seamlessly, our team takes great care to adhere to their specific installation methods. Moreover, we exclusively use materials recommended by each manufacturer (eaves protection, underlayments, starter shingles, asphalt shingles, ridges, and hips).

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Waterproofing: Our Priority as Roofers

Given our extreme climate (high heat and intense cold), roofs must be resilient. Our role as roofers in Lanaudière is to ensure the total waterproofing of your roof. The waterproof seals around various roof elements (fan, plumbing vent, chimney, skylight, etc.) must be sealed to remain watertight throughout the lifespan of your roof. Therefore, sealing work is a crucial step in our roofing work.

Shingle manufacturers have designed high-performance polypropylene waterproof underlayments, which are installed under the shingles to also protect against water infiltration. Moreover, highly effective eaves waterproofing membranes are installed under the shingles, preventing ice buildup on the roof edges.

High-Tech Asphalt Shingles

Our specialty as roofers is the installation of asphalt shingles. We install shingles from brands like Iko and BP. Asphalt shingle technology has advanced significantly in recent years. Their lifespan is much longer, and their resistance to weathering is much better. Additionally, there is a variety of models and a wide range of colors available. This gives you plenty of choices to give your roof a beautiful appearance.

Before the '90s, asphalt shingles were very economical but not very durable. They were sold in 3 colors: dark brown, light brown, or black. And the 3-tab model was the only option available! In recent years, manufacturers have been competing to offer the best possible product at the best price. Shingles are now made with a fiberglass reinforcement, which is a significant change from the old recycled paper shingles covered in bitumen... Moreover, today's shingles resist high winds, blue algae, and even fire (some models).

In terms of appearance, asphalt shingles are available in many models and colors. And these colors are not solid; several shades are found in the same roof to create a dimensional effect. The architectural 3-tab shingle is still in demand, but some models mimic the appearance of slate or cedar wonderfully.

IKO offers different collections of shingles that can suit all styles of homes: ancestral, modern, traditional, or contemporary. Architectural, high-performance, designer, or traditional models are available. As roofers, we find it important to offer a wide choice of styles and colors to our customers, which is why we offer shingles from this manufacturer.

To visualize how your house would look with the different colors available, you can use BP's color visualization tool. Simply upload a photo of your house to see the different colors available on the roof. The asphalt shingle manufacturer IKO also offers a color visualization tool, allowing you to upload a photo of your house or use photos of houses with a similar appearance.

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Residential and Commercial Roofer

TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS is a certified roofer that installs asphalt shingles in residential, commercial, and institutional settings. If your house or building has a pitched roof, you can enhance it with high-performance asphalt shingles.

A beautiful asphalt shingle roof greatly improves the appearance of a business, school, library, municipal building, etc. We can perform the installation of your roofing outside of your business hours. We will set up a safety perimeter to protect passersby, employees, and customers.

If you are looking for a professional, courteous roofer attentive to your needs, work with TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS. We respect established deadlines and budgets. Furthermore, our competitive prices will satisfy you. We can also repair asphalt shingle roofs and respond quickly in case of roof emergencies. Our professional roofer services are personalized and attentive.

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Roof Repairs

When an asphalt shingle roof starts to deteriorate, it is not always necessary to replace it. Simple repairs to problematic areas and re-nailing loose shingles will keep your roof watertight.

In case of water infiltration, our roofers will identify the location and can replace the damaged shingles and waterproof membrane. We will check the condition of the plywood, and if it is rotten, we will replace the section.

We can also inspect the flashings surrounding your roof fan, plumbing vents, chimney, and skylight. If the sealing has deteriorated, we will redo it. We will also inspect your gutters and clean them if necessary.

Emergency Roofing Service Throughout Lanaudière

TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS offers fast and efficient emergency roofing services. Our team is available 24/7 to address any emergency situation that requires the immediate assistance of a roofer. For example, in case of water leakage through the ceilings, we can quickly repair your roof in problematic areas.

Our roofers will determine the location of the leak and check if the plywood is rotten and if the waterproof membrane is punctured. We will replace these two components if necessary. You will need to have the insulation checked and have the damaged part of the ceiling replaced with gypsum. If the infiltration comes from degraded sealing around the flashings protecting the roof equipment, we will redo it.

Inspection and Maintenance of Asphalt Shingle Roofs

The Toitures Benoit Dubois team offers annual inspection and maintenance services for residential and commercial asphalt shingle roofs. Annual maintenance extends the lifespan of your roof while ensuring it remains watertight for the next twelve months. This prevents water infiltration and potential costly damage!

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Contact an Experienced Roofer

Contact the team at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS at (450) 368-8353 for more information about our roofing services in Terrebonne, Repentigny, and throughout Lanaudière.

Our roofers respond promptly to inspect, repair, or install residential, commercial, institutional, and municipal asphalt shingle roofs.

During our initial visit, we will assess the size and type of asphalt shingles that best suit your needs, as well as the exact costs of the work to be done. Request a free quote!

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