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Give your home or business style with beautiful architectural shingles.

For a roofer in L'Épiphanie, turn to the team at TOITURES BENOIT DUBOIS. Our company, founded in 2013, holds a license from the Régie du bâtiment and is a member of the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l’habitation. Our roofers have 10 years of experience in installing, repairing, and maintaining residential and commercial asphalt shingle roofs.

Moreover, we guarantee the quality of our roofing installation work for 10 years, while Iko and BP shingle manufacturers offer warranties of 25 years or even a lifetime (limited warranty). Our installation methods follow the manufacturers' guidelines to ensure that your shingle roof is watertight and durable. You won't have to worry about your roof for many years to come!

Roofer Roofing L'Épiphanie

Asphalt Shingles by IKO and BP

Our roofers in L'Épiphanie install asphalt shingles from the IKO and BP brands. Visit each manufacturer's website to choose the model and color that you like the most. You can use their visualization tool to upload a photo of your home and overlay the different shingle models and colors offered.

Whether it's architectural shingles, three-tab shingles, or high-performance shingles, there's something for every style and budget!

Commercial Roofers

Businesses, professional buildings, company premises, or institutional buildings with sloped roofs benefit greatly from being covered with asphalt shingles. In addition to providing style and a neat appearance, the latest technology asphalt shingles effectively protect against the elements.

With a fiberglass reinforcement, these shingles resist rain, ice, UV rays, blue algae, and detachment in high winds. They have a much longer lifespan compared to shingles from a few decades ago.

These shingles last up to 30 years. Regular maintenance is all that's needed, such as resealing around roof equipment and re-nailing shingles in some areas. Asphalt shingles offer excellent value for money for business owners.

Roofer Roofing L'Épiphanie

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Contact our roofers in L'Épiphanie at (450) 368-8353 for installation, repair, or maintenance. Our team will provide you with attentive and caring service.

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